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Retro-fit Kit Required by California Air Quality Management District

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All customers that purchased an Ameristar Gas/Electric package unit from Ferguson
will receive three Notification Letters starting April 2022.


After an internal review by The Trane Technologies engineering team, and discussion with the product supplier, they have learned that certain NOx emissions testing, and certification required in certain air quality management districts in the State of California may not have been performed. While this lack of testing and certification does not pose a health or safety hazard to consumers, it is a violation of these air quality management district emissions.


Trane Technologies has the approval from The Air Quality Management District so that we may remediate the affected units with a retrofit kit which will bring the affected units into NOx emission compliance. These kits will include a wire insert that is installed inside each burner tube on the unit’s heat exchanger. There is no cost to the consumer.


Purchase Record

If you cannot find your purchase record on the units purchased, please email Central Operations at this address: Central Operations will send the list of the items sold. Please be aware that we will only be able to give them information pulled from the invoice the units(s) were sold on. The rest of the information required will need to be given to by the customer

next steps


The Notification letter will have a link to this Ameristar Gas/Electric website. On the website is a customer form where you will fill in the customer’s and your information. Once you submit the form, you will be contacted by a local Trane contractor who will complete the retro-kit installation.

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